AKO Premium- what we are doing about pricing.

One of the significant challenges since we started AKO, has been related to our pricing strategy. While pricing might seem intuitive from a marketplace perspective, we knew what the available options were, we knew we wanted a pricing policy that reflected our values, and most importantly we wanted you to to be a part of deciding the pricing, which some were.

Our focus was and is still on correlations between creating and increasing value for you as a freelancer on AKO, being affordable and accessible by freelancers on different points of the spectrum in our industries, and doing so without feeling like we are ripping you off.

In the aggregate of things, for us to create, optimize and increase the value of the AKO platform for your experience as a freelancer, we needed to implement pricing, and there’s no better time to do so but now.

How are we going from a FREE platform to a paid one? We are not, we are giving you options, starting with this, and will introduce more options continually.

Here is one of the plans and pricing options to be implemented June 30th, 2019

Cost: free
Duration: Lifetime
Upgrade anytime

An Essential Experience

With the essential plan, freelancers still get access to all the vital features that allow you to explore AKO, consider starting your fashion and lifestyle career, side hustle, or creating an added service profile on AKO. The essential plan will enable clients to find, message, connect, and hire your services. However, there will be a periodical quota for these features and a renewal date.

Cost: $9.99/per month or $4.99/per month billed annually at $60/annually
Duration: Monthly or Annually
Downgrade anytime

A Premium Experience
For only $9.99 a month or $60 yearly, freelancers get unlimited access to all essential and premium features as well as get exclusive access to all new premium features, support, updates, invites, and information.

                                   Image on details on the Essential and Premium plans, features, pricing and availability. See more on akoapp.com/pricing. 


Our central focus in implementing this pricing was on affordability, transparency, and fairness for freelancers/businesses/professionals/agencies of any capacity, and this, as well as other plans and options, will be introduced, surveyed and implemented in the nearest future.

                 Follow us for  updates  on AKO Premium release on June 30th, 2019.

                    Send us  any questions, concerns, and suggestions on these plans and pricing at info@akoapp.com

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